Cre Chem is an industrial chain service group in the field of chemical products research and development, production and sales. Since its establishment in 2006, our company has been engaged in the R & D, production and sales of oil field chemicals, road deicing agents, desiccant, deoxidizer, flame retardants and other products. Now it has become the designated raw material supplier to the major oilfield companies in Middle East, West Africa, South America and Europe, also it is the custom manufacturing factory for road snow melter import giants in the United States, Canada, South Korea and Japan. In particular, every year we export to the US market 20000-50000 tons of the pellet and flake Calcium Chloride and magnesium chloride based snow melter, which occupies more than 50 percent of the entire country market share and the number is growing year by year. We enjoy a high reputation in the global inorganic chemical field!


The company is equipped with scientific and technological professionals in various fields, sophisticated product testing equipment, specific instrument and full-time inspectors, which offers a comprehensive tracking quality testing services of the products.

Also the company has a 10-year foreign trade sales team, has been very professional and comfortable in the operation of cargo transport, port inspection, customs declaration and shipment to all over the world. The annual export volume is more than 100,000 tons!

In 2009 the company successfully passed the EU REACH agreement, and set up the European designated chemical lab in Finland. In 2010 the company passed through the FDA certification, our products passed SGS inspection and ISO9000 quality management system, which provided quality assurance and international standards for the product exports!

Our company has a united and efficient work team, reasonable structure, comprehensive and professional configuration, rich overseas business experience, stable and flexible operating mechanism. Since its inception, the company built a corporate governance structure based on the internal organizational structure and modern enterprise operating mechanism in accordance with property rights, operated with innovation and developed the advantages of scale and industrial synergies, which made great strides in the international trade and stayed at a leading position in our industry.

As an enterprise rooted in China, impacted by the traditional culture of Qilu, the Group always keep in mind the old doctrine” words of the faithful, the line of Atsuko”, being integrate and hardworking, we always take the "quality-oriented integrated development" as the company's core values! With the cooperation and win-win concept, we have won the trust of customers around the world and built a long-term and stable relationship.

At the same time, we also warmly welcome new partners, new friends to join our cause, seek for common growth and development.