Calcium Chloride 74%min Flake,Tech Grade

Date: December 01,2016INQUIRY
Calcium Chloride 74%min Flake,Tech Grade

Technical Parameters

Product description:

molecular formula CaCl2, white flake solid. Hygroscopicity strong, Exposure to easily deliquesce in the air, Soluble in water.

Product usage:

1.Roadway, Expressway, Parking lot, Airport, Golf course and so on in winter snow removal;

2.Oil drilling , drilling fluid and completion fluid , liquid petroleum and chemical dehydration;

3.Control the dust, coal dust, mine dust;

4.Early strength agent in construction industry, Improve the strength of concrete, In the production of coating curing agent;

5.Used for moisture with desiccant, Dry gas and liquid medium in the process;

6.Rubber latex coagulation agent industry;

7.Ferrous metallurgy industry chlorinating agent and additives;

8.Used for cooling refrigeration industry.


Product index:


Calcium Chloride 74%min Flake


Tech Grade

 Molecular Formula

CaCl2 2H2O


White Flake



Main Content


Sodium Chloride


Water Insoluble


Magnesium Chloride




Calcium Hydroxide




Package: 25kg PP Bags or 1MT Jumbo Bags


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