Sodium metabisulfite food grade

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Sodium metabisulfite food grade

Technical Parameters

Product Description: 

Sodium metabisulfite is a white crystalline or powder with a slight sulfur odor, food grade.

the density is 1.4, freely soluble in water and glycerol, the aqueous solution is acidic, the solubility increases with increasing of the temperature, slightly soluble in ethanol.

Easily oxidized deterioration if exposured in the air , and will release SO2 relaxedly, finally become sodium sulfate, so the product should not be stored for a long time, and will resolve if heated to 150 .



Sodium pyrosulfite is widely used as bleach, mordant, reductive agent, Rubber solidifying agent,  also can be used for organic synthesis, pharmaceutical and spices.


1, Pharmaceutical industryused for the production of chloroform, phenyl sulfone and benzaldehyde.

2, Rubber industry: used for coagulation agent.

3, Printing and dyeing industry : used for cotton bleaching after the dechlorination agent, cotton cooker.

4, Leather industry : used for leather processing, can used to make leather soft, plump, tough, with waterproof, bending, wear properties.

5, Chemical industryused for the production of hydroxyaldehyde, hydroxylamine hydrochloride and so on.

6, Photographic industry used in the developing agent and so on.

7, Food industryused for bleaching agents, preservatives, vegetable pine agents, colour fixative and preservatives.

8, Also can used in pulluted water treatment agent and Bamboo and wood fiber bleaching agent and so on.

product index:



Product Name

Sodium Metabisulfite




White fluid shape crystallization or powder

Purity ( Na2S2O5 Content)

Food Grade

Molecular Weight




SO2 Content


As Content


Heavy Metal ( Pb Content )


Se Content


Fe Content







Reach FCC V and E 223 quality standard


25KG PP bag, 25KG PE bag, 25KG kraft bag1000KG jumbo bag or as your requirement.


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